Target 4/10-4/16 Deals!

This week I have found some amazing target deals that give back gift cards!!!! I roll my gift cards earned onto the next purchases so I lower my out of pocket amount. Here is the order in which I completed the transactions. Remember, you can not use the gift card you earned on the same transaction in which you earned it.


♥Transaction One:


Buy 8: Febreeze Air Effects Cans

(2.99 × 8 = $24)

Buy 2: Febreeze Air Effects Stand Up

(2.99 x 2 = $6)

Don’t worry, we WONT be spending $30 here!

Use 4! Febreeze Bogo Coupons (-$12)


Use 2! Febreeze Stand up $1 coupons from ($-2)

total: $17.48 get back 2 $5 gift cards!

Net, 7.48!!!


Transaction 2


($2.99 × 4 = $12)

Use 4! $2 off coupons. ( – $8) Total will be $4.48. You will get a $5 gift card, save it!  Roll one $5 gift card from your febreeze transaction.



Transaction 3

Buy 4 Garnier Leave in Conditioner Treatments.

($2.99 × 4 = $12)

Use 4! $2 off coupons. ( – $8) Total will be $4.48. You will get a $5 gift card, save it!  Roll one $5 gift card from your febreeze transaction.


Transaction 4

Suave Kids Gentle Wash

Clearenced to $1.52 each! Buy 8!!!

Use 4 BOGO Coupons!

Use $5 gift card from Garnier.



♥Transaction 5

Repeat Suave Deal

Buy 8, use 4 BOGO coupons

Roll $5 gift card from 2nd Garnier Transaction


Happy shoping!!! This is $75 worth of household goodies and personal care items for only $17.48!!! Wowza!


Thank you coupons!

Dont forget to order your 4/17 bundle from nifty q nserts


Learn to Coupon


Couponing is EASY! I promise, it may be time consuming, and a chase from store to store… but it is totally EASY! It is all trial and error, you learn as you go!


On April 8th, I will he teaching a class!! A FREE class that will focus on the deals starting April 9th! Most deals are Sunday-Saturday!

First I will advise you to come with coupons in HAND!!!! I only order mine through Nifty Q! They provide the best service, ship, pick up location, and the lowest prices! Dont go spending tons of money on coupons. We are saving here!!!


These are the 2 bundles I recommend. I personally ordered this bundle. P&G coupons come out ONCE a month and have the BEST coupons. This bundle contains:

10- April P&G

10- Redplum

10- San Diego SmartSource

10- Los Angeles SmartSource

All for $10.50. This is WAY less than purchasing multiple sunday papers!

Click here to purchase this bundle:



Current Deals


This pile retails $160+change. I paid 4.50, this is really just tax on the items!

This weeks deals and steals!

*Febreeze Candles & Small spaces- At Walmart

*Organic Abound Snacks – At CVS

*Colgate – At Ralphs

Ralphs is currently having a “mega sale“. When you buy 5 colagte advanced or optic white, they come to 1.99 each. Use the $2.00 colgate coupon for each one. FREE just pay tax! Pay 0.75 cents for every 5 tubes!

Coupon found on


 Febreeze Candles

Walmart finally has hit 90% off select Christmas scents. Jolly pine and cranberry for $1.00. Use $1 printable from and just pay tax .08 cents each candle. Rememebr coupons print two per device!


CVS abound snacks

Coupon available at Making each $1.00 item, FREE! No tax on food items!


Remeber to order your coupons through nifty q nserts if you do dont have a computer to print!


2/21 Killer Deals


Hey ladies! We have some awesome deals starting tomorrow!!! For you CVS fans they have something called “early activation” where you can go into your local CVS store after 4pm and redeem tomorrow’s deals. Just ask for early activation at check out! TONS of KILLER diaper deals! Mom, expecting moms, planning moms, etc… TIME TO STOCK UP!!! I’ve provided a link at the end of this post to order coupons.

This weeks CVS DEALS



Physicans Formula: Purchase one $12 item. Use a $3 or $4 peelie (pink sticker on package) to lower cost. Get $8 back in Extra Bucks to use on next purchase!!!


HUGGIES DEAL: Use 3 ($2) off huggies coupons from Use $8 Extra Bucks from Physicans Formula Use $4 off $25 coupon on CVS app Pay: $11.97 GET BACK $10 in EXTRA BUCKS Final Price: 1.97 for 3 OR 0.66 cents each pack!!!


Tide or Gain: Use $2 Coupon from last weeks insert, Pay: 3.94, get back $1 EXTRA BUCKS. Final Price, $2.94 each. XTRA (HOT DEAL) – Buy 2 for $2.88, Use coupon from this Sunday 2/21 insert, $1 off of 2, pay 1.88 for both OR 0.94 cents EACH!


Buy 3 Loreal Advanced products: (Shampoo or Conditioner) at 4.99 each. Pay $15, get $5 Extra Bucks. Use Loreal coupons to lower out of pocket payment.






Buy 1 Colgate Max: Use 1 (0.50) Coupon Use $2 CVS coupon from coupon center Pay : 0.89cents!

Print out 5 ($2 off 2) abound snack coupons from These will be free!

Print out 5 ($2 off 2) abound snack coupons from
These will be free!




Buy 10 Pamers 9.99 packs plus one pack of baby wipes (to hit $100 before coupons):

Use 10 ($2) OFF Huggies Coupons

Pay Around: $80

Get back $25 gift card!!! (MORE FREE DIAPERS)

Text DIAPER to 827438 to get deal and scan at register to earn $25 gift card!





ANOTHER Great deal on cereal!:




Coupon Lingo

Couponing can start out super confusing! Many abbreviations and shorts are used and understand by most couponers who have been at it for a while. Below I am going to put into words the simplest way to understand most couponing terms. I am also going to focus on CVS this week.

The fastest way I personally learned, was mastering a store at a time:

Lets get started:


Qs = coupons

Oop = out of pocket (amount paid after coupons)

EB = extra bucks, rewards that print out on your cvs recipt after purchase

CRT = cvs resigter printed coupons, will print on recipt

Roll = The term “rolling” applies when you use extra bucks from a previous transaction to lower your amount paid out of pocket.

DEALS 2/14

LETS GET STARTED ON SOME SIMPLE CVS DEALS FOR THIS WEEK 2/14. Deals at CVS run Sunday to Saturday. Next Sunday, 2/21 new deals with start.

Deal #1: Toothpaste!


Colgate total: $2.99

Get $2 EB (extra bucks)

*Go to Print out 2, .50cent off any colgate coupons.

Use 1 coupon on first puchase, pay $2.49, get back $2 EB.

*Second transaction, use $2 and .50 coupon on one more tube of colgate total… FREE!

Get 2 tubes for $2.49, Normally $2.99 each, your paying $1.25 a tube.



Buy 2 pantene hair care(shampoo or conditioner OR styler)

2 for $8.00

Get $2 back in EB

Use 1 $3 off 2 pantene coupons.

$8- $3= $5

Pay $5 oop (out of pocket)

Get $2 back.

Second transaction:

Get 2 pantene at 2 for $8.

Use 1 $3 off 2coupon and $2EB

Pay  $3.00, or 1.50 cents for each bottle!



Here is an example of one you will recieve this week:


Happy couponing. Please suscribe to my blog for updates on deals. I will also be doing a giveaway this week. Those who have described will ne entered to win free coupons.


This Week’s Deals & Steals 2/7

We have some fabulous deals this week! Many of which are COMPLETLY FREE!!!! Cha Ching!

Perfect timing because Nordstroms Clear the rack event starts this Friday! Hopefully I’ll land a pair of thise rockstud Valentinos. Fingers Crossed!!! XX


Huggies Wipes:

These $1 wipe packages are located at some walgreens and staterbrothers. They have a Mikey Moise packaging. If you printed the $1 coupons the 1st of the month for this item, then they are FREE. Coupon is no longer available.

Arm & Hammer:

These bottles are normally $7.99. This week at Walgreens and CVS they are on sale for $1.99. Head over to and print out the $1.00 off coupon for Arm&Hammer. Pay only .99cents each bottle!!! Woah!

Revlon Volume Masacara CVS:

Find the coupon from 2/7 inserts.Purchase 1 revlon eye liner, recieve a FREE mascara. 8.99 value with coupon!

Juicy Fruit Rite Aid:

On sale 2 for $1.00. Print out two .50 cent juciy fruit coupons from FREE!!!

Black Forest Gummies:

Use $1.00 Coupon from 2/1 inserts at Walgreens. They are one sale for .99 cents a bag. =FREE

Blue Diamond Amonds:

CVS or Walgreens. Use the $1 blue diamond instant prints if you printed them out (no longer available) Both CVS and Walgreens have the snack pack sizes for $1.00 each. FREE!


Free Abound Popcorn:

CVS. Print out $2/2 abound snack items These bags are $1 each, gran yourself 2 for free!!


Scotts Toilet Paper:

$1 Single rolls at rite aid. If you have the $1 off any scott instant. No longer available to print.

Remember the first of each month the best coupons come out for a short amount of time. So, have your printers ready!

Power Bars:

5 for $5 at walgreens. If you have the $2 off instant prints, buy 16, use 4 $2 coupons. Pay $8. Get a $4 power bar catilina to roll on next transaction!

Happy Hunting! Remember this Friday 2/12, Clear the Rack Starts!!

All those coupon savings with come to good use :-*



1/17-1/23 Coupon Deals at Rite Aid

Hey ladies! Here are some easy coupon deals for newbies for this week, 1/17-1/23. These are some deals I have personally done this week and have been successful at. Of course my go to store first, Rite Aid. Rite Aid is the first store I decided to learn to coupon at over a month ago. The staff is friendly and helpful to new couponers, and the point system is pretty simple!

Transaction #1


Buy 4 Packs at $8.99 Each!


Use (4) $1.55 off pampers coupons (found on

I used a $10 Catalina from my huggies purchase the week prior to lower my out of pocket

$8.99 X 4 = $35.96

  • – 4 Pampers Qs (1.55 each) = – 6.20
  • – $10 Huggies Catalina = -10.00

Total: $19.76 oop (out of pocket)

Points System: Off of this transaction you will receive $20.00 in plenti points to spend!!!

This $20.00 is redeemable the NEXT business day

Transaction #2 (Next Business Day)

Garnier Fructies Shampoo & Conditioner


Buy 5 Shampoo at $2.99 each = $14.95

Buy 5 Conditioner at $2.99 each = $14.95

Use 10 $2 off one Garnier Fructies Coupons: -20

Coupons Found Here: Garnier $2 Coupons

=29.90 (Before Coupons for All 10)

-$20.00 in coupons

Pay$9.90 out the $20 Points you made the Day prior! (You will still have $10.10 in points to use)

Off of this transaction you will make ANOTHER $10 in points from spending $30

Transaction #3 (Next Business Day)

Now you have $10.10 in points left over from the pampers deal

AND $10 in points from the Garnier Deal!

= $20.10 in points to use!

(I personally needed detergent)

So I am going to purchase 2 Things of Tide 62 load for $11.95 EACH


I am going to use 2 (.50 cent tide coupons from

-1.00 in coupons

-20.10 from plenti points

11.95 + 11.95 = 23.90


= 2.80 oop (Out of pocket)

Prices will be a tad different due to tax!

But this is a steal! Especially if your a busy momma like me and do 2 – 3 loads of laundry a day 🙂

Happy Shopping

***Remember this is ALL Rite Aid!***

NEXT MONTHS COUPONS! Make sure to order Next Months P&G (Feb)

The P&G inserts always have the BEST coupons!!!! I personally always order the largest bundle!

Here in the link to the exact bundle I have purchased!:Bundle Coupons




Coupons & Louboutins

OK ladies! For every transaction look at the savings. Most of my fashion/ or coupon trips I save from 50-90% off my entire purchase or retail value! With each trip put a small amount away for yourself and treat yourself at the end of the year! Even if it’s just a couple of dollars! You know me, my savings will go towards my next pair of shoes, lol! But hundreds of dollars will stay saved in the bank from not having to spend them on every day supplies thanks to this couponing journey!


I have had dozens of messages asking how I landed this week’s diaper deal. Here are the SIMPLE steps!

1. Get a rite Aid plenti points account

(You can do this in the store at the kiosk)

2. Get your coupons! This week at rite Aid when you purchase $30 worth of Huggies diapers, you receive back $16.00 in plenti points PLUS a $10.00 Huggies Catalina aka $10.00 voucher. This can be on ANY pack of Huggies diapers. Just make sure you have $30 worth.


That’s 26.00 Dollars off a $30 purchase Thanks to plenti points!

3. PLENTI POINTS! Plenty points can be redeemed the NEXT day at 6am! So have your transactions planned out and coupons ready.

4. Coupons! Get your Huggies $2.00 off coupons from It limits you a certain number printed per device, so get all your computer’s and phone ready (download coupon app) so you can print the number of coupons needed.


Transactions Break down:

Let’s say you start tomorrow (Wed 1/14)


First Transaction:

Buy 4 Huggies Packs $7.99 each


Use 4! $2.00 OFF Huggies Coupons

This will bring your total to $24!

Pay the $24 plus tax

(This may seem like a lot, but your next 2 days of transactions will be free)

Next Day (1/15)

Buy 4 again! $32


Use $16.00 plenti points -16

Use $10.00 Huggies Catalina -10

Use 4 $2.00 Huggies Coupons -8

FREE! THAT’S $34 in coupons and points

(At the end of this transaction you will get $10 in plenti points and $10 Huggies Catalina for buying $30)

Next day 1/16:


Use $10 points – 10

Use $10 Huggies cat -10

Use 4 $2.00 coupons -8


Pay $4.00 for the last set!


Then on Sunday when the deal is over, go use your $10 coupon and 2 $2.00 Huggies coupons to get 2 free more packs!!!!

End result! Huggies Wasted!!!!



Major Deal at Rite Aid!

OK ladies! I have an amazing deal for you mommas out their who still spend a fortune on diapers! Pampers are my favorite diapers, however they get a bit pricey. If I continue spending full price on household items and essentials for my family… I’m not going to get closer to those Louboutins… Yes! I will have these. So it’s time to save!!!


Diaper Deal of the Week!!!

AT Rideaid starting 12/27

(Aka tomorrow!)


These packs are on sale tomorrow. Make sure you apply for a rite Aid card if you don’t have one.

Here’s the breakdown:

Buy 4 packs at 2 packs for $18!

$36..  is too much

Next: use 4 $2 pampers coupons! In January p&g cut out 4!

$28… is what you’ll pay:

However! You get back $5 per two packs… so that $10 credit

Then you get points giving you another $10 credit!

That’s $20 credit to spend on more diapers.. which you can spend on the next transaction.


Then got grab yourself 2 more packs… 2 for $18 and get those for free! Or you can use coupons and get a free thing of wipes as well :-*

Where Do I Get Coupons?


This has become my GO TO link for purchasing coupons. This woman, Antranette is amazing with communication and pricing! This month I ordered 20 p&g inserts for just $5.00!


Guide to Couponing

If I can bargin and find designer shoes and items at a steal…. why can’t I do the same thing with household supplies and groceries? Well I’m here to tell you that couponing in Southern California is completely do able!!!!!!

Now keep in mind this is my 2nd week of couponing. So you can learn with me 🙂

1 First things first: COUPONS

My four main coupon sources I use are:

* P&G (proctor & gamble)

* Smart Source

* Red Plum

*Peelies & Blinkes  (coupons found on items, like stickers and such, and the machines that you find in the isles that spit out coupons)

2. How to get your hands on these coupons:

I spent many mornings waking up my kids at 7am to go and get a local newspaper on Sundays when the coupons come out. However, many people come in extra early and either take all the newspaper or steal the inserts :/

So my suggestion and trick is ordering them online through:

I like to order 2 or 3 of each one and pay for priority shipping. This is cheaper than buying four newpapers.

3. Find the deals:

I have found that CVS, target, and Albertsons are the easiest to understand.

* download CVS app

*download target cartwheel app

*download Albertsons app

Go through these apps and look at the deals. Then go to your coupon source and cut out coupons for the best deal.


***My recent deals and finds:***

Albertsons popcorn: this week jolly time popcorn was on the FAB 5 sale. They normally retail 3.49 a pack. The fab 5 sale had them on sale for .99cents each when you buy five. However, above the popcorn were .55 cent popcorn blinkies coupons off jolly time!

At Albertsons you can use one coupon per item. 5 things of popcorn, 5.00 then .55 cents off each one with coupon. For $18 worth of popcorn I payed $2.20 after coupons. This price included tax. Such a steal!



CVS Deal: Spend $15 on select tide and get $5 back in extra bucks


Keep in mind you have to have a CVS card for these deals.

The Tide pods were on sale for 3.49 and I had 4 $2 off P&G coupons From the December insert (p&g inserts only come out once a month)

Now the 15 total is before coupons! So just make sure you have 15 worth of merchandise that applies to the sale. With coupons I paid 7 plus tax. And got back a $5 gift card. Making each basically under a dollar for each pack of pods!!!!!

Next time.. go home and get coupons to get the most items with your free $5 🙂